Sunday, April 5, 2015

Rebuild, Recreate, Rejoice

Rebuild, Recreate, Rejoice was selected as the name of the Kids’ Joy Land Capital Campaign.  The co-chairs of the campaign are Randy Wolgemuth, Betsy Wolgemuth, and Joshua Deering.  Tim Smedick is a special consultant.  Tim ran the successful Milanof Shock Library Campaign in 1999.  

The initial kickoff for Rebuild, Recreate, Rejoice was April 9th at the home of Randy and Betsy.  Up to now, over half of what we need is already raised, thanks to the community and business of Mount Joy.  We need to raise the other half.

Our goal for the campaign is $110,000, with a stretch goal of $140,000.  Any moneys raised over and above will be put in an account marked for future maintenance.

Our 12,000 square foot playground will be made of 95% recycled structural composite material that is guaranteed to last 50 years.  It is not inexpensive.  The cost for this material alone is over $92,000.  The components of the playground (swings, teeter totters, climbing wall, slides, digger, tunnels, etc) cost in excess of $35,000.  Professional services, design, consultations are over $38,000.  And we have a long way to go.

There are many way you can help support this project.  You can purchase a component… OR… You can do an individual / corporate / extended family sponsorship from $500.00 and up… OR… or you can make a donation for whatever you can.  All is appreciated and will be put to good use.  Details can be found in the “Become a KJL Super Hero” post.

Another way to help is to volunteer your time and/or tools.  We are looking for several leaders to head up certain aspects and committees of the build.  You can chair a committee, or enroll a friend/spouse/neighbor to help you co-chair one of the committees.  I can’t stress this enough… You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Everything is spelled out in the separate planning guides.

The chairs for Fundraising, Materials, Volunteers, Public Relations, and Special Features & Design are filled, but are all still looking for help.
Tools, Special Needs, Food, Construction Captains, General Contractor, and Child Care still need people to step up to the plate.  As mentioned before, every committee comes with a planning guide and time table to help you along the way.

This will all be spelled out in future posts.

Thanks for reading this far.

Ed Bartakovits, DC

Co-Chair Kids’ Joy Land

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  1. That evening we were able to raise over $80,000 in pledges and donations. Thank You!!!